Kiwk Kerb is an international network of Kerbers.

Eurostyle® Slate Impression - An Innovative Alternative

Eurostyle® Slate Impression garden edging uses the exclusive KwikKolor process to create a prestigious, long-lasting appearance. KwikKolor is superior to painted finishes as it is actually part of the concrete, and harder than concrete.

Eurostyle® is available in a variety of patterns incorporating the exclusive one day KwikKolor Stone texture process. Each creation is a unique hand-finished result which provides individuality to your garden.

The patterns combine with Eurostyle® exclusive impregnated KwikKolor and stone texture finish, to give your concrete edging visual appeal and lasting beauty.

The patterns and colors below are samples of what is typical of the 
available range for Kwik Kerb®.

Long Life, Durable Finishes!

Your Kwik Kerb® continuous concrete edging makes the your property stand out in the community.


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