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LumiCrete® - the amazing Glow in the Dark product now available for application to Kwik Kerb.

LumiCrete® is a complex chemical compound which provides unique renewable light emitting properties. Its unique properties allow it to be energised by contact with light, heat or friction. Currently its emission period after being fully charged is in excess of 12 hours. Once diminished it can be rejuvenated by way of exposure to any form of artificial light whether constant or intermittent. LumiCrete® can be applied in various ways, including spraying, brushing, and rolling. The completed product provides an extremely resilient and durable surface, which has excellent gloss retention. LumiCrete® in a variety of colors will soon be available for application to Kwik Kerb® concrete curbing. Think about the endless possibilities. Your edging can glow all night without power.

This example of the application of LumiCrete® to a hallway shows the effectiveness of the product.

Photoluminescent Coatings are not reflective coatings. They absorb light over a given period of time, store it, and then when the light source is extinguished they expel this light over an exponentially longer period of time. Typically known as “glow in the dark” these products have evolved over the past fifteen years , into the innovative product we have today.
LumiCrete is a breakthrough in photoluminescent technology and is the only product in the world to boast its performance results. Current offerings used across the globe on feature 5%-7% of LumiCrete's performance.
<-- Roll over image to see the room during a power failure.

Check out the LumiCrete® Web site.


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